FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccines

FAQs about COVID-19 Vaccines


Q: Why is B4E requiring its employees to be vaccinated?

A: B4E is requiring the vaccination because as stated on the Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Survey, the Philadelphia Board of Health mandated this vaccination requirement for all healthcare workers.


Q: Does B4E have a policy about COVID-19 vaccines?

A: Yes, B4E developed the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Employees in compliance with the Philadelphia Board of Health mandate. The policy is intended to safeguard the health and well-being of employees, their families, and others from the infectious conditions of COVID-19 that can be reduced through an effective mandatory employee vaccination program. 


Q: When does the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Employees take effect?

A: The policy effective date is September 14, 2021.


Q: Which employees are required to comply with this policy?

A: All employees of B4E and V and V Management whether you are full time, part-time, newly- hired or temporary, are required to comply with the policy.


Q: What are the policy requirements?

A: The policy requires that all B4E and V and V Management employees must submit documentation of full vaccination status or submit an approved exemption on or before October 15, 2021.


Q: When is an employee considered “fully vaccinated” as required by the policy?

A: A person is considered “fully vaccinated” two weeks after receiving either the single-dose vaccine or two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose vaccine. It takes two weeks after completion of the vaccination for antibodies to develop for disease resistance.


Q: Are there any special requirements for new hires?

A: New hires starting work on or after 10/15/2021 will need to show proof of vaccination or an approved exemption prior to their first day on the job.


Q: Do current employees need to upload a copy of their vaccination card into the Employee COVID- 19 Vaccination Survey form?

A: Yes, current employees and new hires starting work prior to September 14, 2021 need to accurately fill out the Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Survey which includes submission of proof of vaccination for those already vaccinated.


Q: Which vaccine must an employee receive to comply with the policy?

A: An employee can receive either a single-dose vaccine such as Johnson & Johnson or a two-dose vaccine such as Moderna or Pfizer.


Q: What is the latest date to be completely vaccinated and still meet the October 15, 2021 deadline for compliance?

A: To be considered fully vaccinated, you will need to receive your one-dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine no later than September 30th, 2021.


Q: Do I still need to be vaccinated if I work remotely now and/or plan to work remotely in the near future?

A: Working remotely does not exempt you from the policy requirement for full vaccination or exemption.


Q: What are the acceptable exemptions to the mandatory vaccination requirement?

A: An employee may request a medical exemption provided by a physician/non-physician provider (Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant) or a religious exemption provided by an authorized clergy person. Exemptions must include contact information of the person providing the exemption statement.


Q: If I submit an exemption request, have I complied with the policy?

A: The B4E/V and V Human Resources Department will review your documentation and provide a decision regarding compliance with the policy prior to the October 15th deadline.


Q: What happens after I am approved for an exemption?

A: Exempt employees are required to have a COVID-19 antigen test (rapid test) twice weekly and submit their results to HR.


Q: If I am not fully vaccinated and do not have an exemption by October 15th, what will happen?

A: Employees are required to meet with their supervisor as well as Human Resources to discuss their employment status.


Q: May I request time off work to be vaccinated?

A: Yes, time off will be granted for employees to obtain each vaccine dose subject to the scheduling requirements of your work unit. Please submit your request directly to your supervisor for approval.


Q: Can I receive the vaccine from B4E?

A: This is still to be determined. B4E may have vaccination clinics on site, however, you are advised to find a medical clinic or pharmacy that is offering vaccinations prior to the stated deadlines.


Q: Where can I get a vaccine?

A: All CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and various urgent care sites continue to provide vaccinations, most on a walk-in basis. Please refer to Vaccines.gov - Search for COVID-19 vaccine locations vaccination site locator for locations throughout Pennsylvania. All vaccines are free of charge. See attached page for local vaccine sites.


Q: If I experience discomfort after receiving the vaccine, may I use sick leave?

A: Yes, PTO is available to any employee experiencing discomfort after receiving the vaccine.


Q: What if I am uncertain about receiving the COVID-19 vaccination?

A: As with any health consideration, it can be helpful to discuss your questions and concerns with a trusted advisor such as your doctor or other health professional. An additional resource is the Employee Assistance Program, free to all B4E and V and V Management employees.